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Van den Herik GmbH

Hoffmannallee 41-51 | D-47533 Kleve

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Van den Herik GmbH

Van den Herik has been active in the field of hydraulic engineering since the 1940s. Starting as a company involved in bank protection, we subsequently grew into a versatile business with a portfolio covering both 'wet' and 'dry' infrastructure.

Nature, safety and making a contribution to economic progress form the basis of our activities. Although hydraulic engineering is still our core business, our activities now include many other disciplines. In addition to hydraulic engineering, Van den Herik also focuses on sounding and surveying, management of ecosystems and management of hydraulic works, and detection of conventional explosives also forms a significant part of our operations. In addition to the range of disciplines that are represented within the business, Van den Herik also maintains links with specialists in specific branches of the industry.

From conception of an idea to the point of completion, we are involved every step of the way, and we work on dozens of different projects every day. Our know-how, experience and wide range of activities make us a good choice of partner. In a market which is in a continual state of flux, we are able to identify risks, propose solutions to issues and work with you to create a better infrastructure.