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Bohlen & Doyen Bau GmbH

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Bohlen & Doyen Bau GmbH

Hydraulic engineering

To be successful in the business of hydraulic engineering means to build safely, environmentally friendly and sustainable. Hydraulic engineering has been an important department of Bohlen & Doyen since 1962. We combine many years of experience, approved technology and trained practice with great motivation and innovative strength. As varied as the tasks in hydraulic engineering are, as mutable and imaginative are our solutions. From our headquarter in Wiesmoor near the North Sea coast and the moorings of our ships in Wilhelmshaven, we provide for the German market by offering our construction and hydraulic engineering services. Bohlen & Doyen is also well prepared for future with its equipment and its team. With our construction services and services we assist in coastal protection, the maintenance and expansion of ports and waterways, but also in the changes of the energy networks. With our floating units, purpose-built equipment and experienced personnel, we are able to carry out these projects as a reliable partner. Among our customers we have private and public clients, energy companies, pipeline companies and communication network companies and have established our reputation as a competent partner over many years. The satisfaction of our customers and partners is proof of the high quality and timely work of Bohlen & Doyen in the field of hydraulic engineering.

The strengths of Bohlen & Doyen in hydraulic engineering

Our team at Bohlen & Doyen consists of specially trained and very experienced site managers, captains and skilled workers. They tackle the special tasks in tidal and wadden sea areas, coastal and island regions, port areas, canals and rivers. For construction sites in these areas, we have special working ships with shallow draughts to reach areas that are difficult to access and implement ecologically friendly measures. We also have a specially adapted equipment pool with biodegradable hydraulic oils. With our technology and our qualified employees, we are able to offer the most economical solution for each individual customer. Our concept is enhanced further by our hydraulic excavators specially equipped for coastal and wadden sea areas, as well as pile driving, pressing and vibration technology for driving pipes and sheet piles, and various water jetting tools developed and manufactured by Bohlen & Doyen for exposing or lowering cables and pipelines into the wadden sea areas. The working ships are equipped with the latest navigation and positioning technology. Satellite-supported underwater excavator sighting devices are available for the dredgers. We are also in possession of the BAW approval for installation methods for grouting armourstones.

Advantages for Bohlen & Doyen customers

Bohlen & Doyen can always provide customers like port operators, water and shipping authorities, pipeline operators and coastal protection institutions with customized project solutions. The interdisciplinary cooperation with the other teams in the company, from pipeline construction to horizontal drilling technology, ensures an efficient construction process. The proximity to the North Sea, the ship mooring in Wilhelmshaven and the constant readiness of the crews create an unbeatable flexibility. All ships and hydraulic engineering equipment can also be rented on a daily basis. Thus, without inflexible order patterns, the customer can order and dispose at short notice. The experienced captains and crews guarantee a safe deployment and successful operations on the water.

The services of Bohlen & Doyen in hydraulic engineering

  • Port construction
  • Dike construction
  • Dredging
  • Island and coastal protection
  • Revetment and groyne construction
  • Culvert construction
  • Maintenance work on inland waterways and rivers
  • Sea cable landings
  • Piling and vibration works
  • Cable and pipe laying in coastal, inland waterways and rivers
  • Maintenance work on supply lines in wadden sea, coastal areas and rivers
  • Support of water-side subsoil investigations and soundings
  • Support of UXO soundings, explosive ordnance recovery and diving operations
  • Ship and equipment rental
  • Planning, service and engineering