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Colcrete GmbH & Co. KG
Spezial-Wasserbau und Küstenschutz

Am Waldrand 9c | D-26180 Rastede

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Colcrete GmbH & Co. KG

The specialist hydraulic engineering company with the expert knowledge of 140 years

Founded in 1860, Colcrete GmbH & Co. KG covers the whole spectrum of specialist hydraulic engineering for coastal protection and waterway development.

  • We dredge.
  • We pile-drive.
  • We lay riprap.
  • We make, float and sink fascine mattresses.
  • We construct brushwood fences, training dykes, groins, moles and breakwaters.
  • We place basalt and granite rock armour.
  • We lay filters, brace armour in permeable and non-permeable ways, stabilise beds and slopes, make flexible bed stabilisers and concrete mats for bottom seals.
  • We construct hydraulic engineering facilities in canals and rivers and at coastal and offshore sites and perform the hydraulic engineering work involved in lock, weir and harbour construction projects.