Vereinigung der Nassbaggerunternehmungen e.V.
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Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH

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Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH

The Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH was founded in 1968 and continually gained experience in dredging over more than four decades. Today, the company is part of the DEME group. This affiliation enables the company to offer global and diversified solutions and to use a variety of resources and equipment.

The core business of DEME group is maintenance of waterways, improvement of the access to the open sea, land reclamation for economical and social development projects as well as protection of lives and assets against flooding. In Germany, the Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH enlarges continuously its range of experience also in the field of offshore wind energy projects via co-operations with renowned German companies and consultants as well as partners of the DEME group.

Part of the corporate philosophy is the enhancement of a close co-operation with construction companies, administrative institutions and clients. Nordsee Nassbagger- und Tiefbau GmbH does not aim for "short-dated" activities but for a respectful co-operation with all parties involved in a project. In this way, joint objectives are reached and win-win-situations are generated.