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Meyer & van der Kamp GmbH & Co KG - Jadesand

Am Hafen 39 | D-26316 Varel

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Meyer & van der Kamp GmbH & Co KG - Jadesand

Meyer & van der Kamp GmbH & Co KG - Jadesand

The company Jadesand, based in Varel, was founded by Haiko Meyer more than half a century ago and has always followed the tradition and values of German dredging companies.
With the merger in 1967 with the Dutch company Van der Kamp BV from Zwolle, the company is successfully managed under the new name Meyer & van der Kamp GmbH & Co.KG. With our highly qualified and highly motivated employees and the advanced up to date technology in our fleet, we represent our tasks and challenges in the following areas:

Maintenance dredging
To assure save navigational depth our vessels are used for maintenance dredging. Even in shallow and narrow water ways works we are executing the dredging.

Deepening of ports and water ways
Hopper dredgers and water injection dredgers are working to provide the required water depth in water ways and ports.

Beach reclamation by pumping
Either through pipelines or with rainbowing the sand is transported to the designated location. Depending on the general circumstances the right technology will be chosen.

Beach reclamation by dumping
Hopper dredgers are used to dump the sand on exact positions to achieve an effective beach protection.

Gravel and Sand dredging
Sand is used as a basic material for land reclamation of new areas. The hopper dredgers are taking the sand from the sea bottom or river beds. At the place of destination, the sand will be either dumped or pumped ashore. Furthermore, the sea sand is used as a raw material in the concrete industry.

Hydraulic engineering - Trench filling piers
The high requirements for trench filling piers are matched by the different possibilities of our various vessels.