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Hülskens Wasserbau GmbH & CO. KG
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Hülskens Wasserbau GmbH & CO. KG


The Hülskens Group is one of the oldest big family companies within Germany. Like hardly any other company in the building industry, the founding families have, to the present day, succeeded in continuing the further development of the company and its position as a market leader in many hydraulic engineering segments. The pioneering spirit and technical innovative strength have, to the present day, contributed to the success equally as much as the high degree of employee identification with the company. Hereby Hülskens Wasserbau has been part of this from the outset. The first major hydraulic engineering projects were implemented already in the 19th century and many technical developments and patents are the result of the engineering skill of Hülskens Wasserbau and its predecessors.

The company’s commitment to its customers and employees established its long success story already in the 19th century. To the present day, our important success factors include the typically “Rhenish” down to earth nature as well as the innovative pioneering spirit and will to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

For more than 100 years we have been planning and implementing complex hydraulic engineering projects for public authority and industrial customers ranging from sheet piling and the construction of large harbour basins to culvert construction and the recultivation of disused sites. Whenever you are developing a hydraulic engineering project, incorporate our experience and expertise already early on. We look forward to your assignments and challenges!